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Nashville Bar Association

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Founded in 1831, the Nashville Bar Association (NBA) was formed to support the legal community in the greater Nashville area. Although the vast majority of the NBA’s efforts affect only members that work in the Nashville metropolitan area, all attorneys that are licensed to practice in Tennessee are permitted to join as full members. Associate membership is even more open than full membership for the Nashville Bar Association, and it is available to law students, paralegals, and other legal support staff.

The NBA is very active and provides its members several ways to be involved in the local legal community. Younger attorneys that belong to the Nashville Bar Association frequently attend the many social events that the NBA Young Lawyers Division hosts in order to allow new lawyers to socialize and connect with one another, including the annual Carbolic Smoke Ball and themed happy hours. Members that practice in certain legal fields are able to network with others in that area of practice by joining a relevant NBA committee, such as the Solo & Small Firm Committee or the Estate Planning Committee.

In addition to creating a strong community for its members, the Nashville Bar Association also makes several helpful tools available to its members for their convenience. For members that practice appellate law, the Appellate Practice Committee of the NBA has created and regularly updates an appellate practice handbook that contains several insightful tips on practicing appellate law in Nashville. Another convenience that the Nashville Bar Association provides for its members is an online career center in order to aid members in their search for employment.

Contact the Nashville Bar Association:

150 4th Ave., N. Suite 1050 Nashville, TN 37211

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