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Sumner County Bar Association

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The Sumner County Bar Association (SCBA) serves both the attorneys and the judiciary of Sumner County. In order to encourage new lawyers to join, the SCBA has a lower dues amount for those attorneys that have been licensed to practice for less than six years. The Sumner County Bar Association also offers an addition premium level of membership that comes with added benefits beyond those available to standard members, such as more information in their online directory listing and access to contact information for all of the SCBA members.

There are also several benefits that are given to all members of the Sumner County Bar Association. Throughout the year, the SCBA offers a number of continuing legal education events for its members on interesting topics, such as a reexamining of Mary Surratt’s trial as a Lincoln assassination co-conspirator. Additionally, the Sumner County Bar Association provides its members with opportunities to mingle and network at various social events, including the annual fish fry and the yearly charity basketball game against the local police.

Contact the Sumner County Bar Association:

130 S. Water Ave.
Gallatin, TN 37066

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