Tennessee Lawyers’ Association for Women

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The Tennessee Lawyers’ Association for Women (TLAW) exists to serve the female attorneys of Tennessee. Although TLAW is dedicated to promoting women in Tennessee’s legal community, all lawyers are permitted to join, regardless of gender. Additionally, law students are allowed to become members of the Tennessee Lawyers’ Association for Women.

Lawyers often become members of TLAW in order to reap the many benefits that come with membership. The Tennessee Lawyers’ Association for Women holds a conference each year in order to provide its members with an opportunity to attend a number of different continuing legal education classes and to network with other attorneys from all over the state. TLAW also maintains a strong community among its members by keeping them informed of its activities through an annual newsletter.

There are also four regional chapters of the TLAW that were created to better meet the needs of the women attorneys working in these parts of Tennessee. For members living in and around Nashville, the Marion Griffin Chapter has several different committees through which members are able to connect with others that are interested in the same kind of legal work, including domestic violence, or facing similar professional issues, such as raising children while working. The East Tennessee chapter hosts monthly luncheons that always feature a speaker for continuing legal education purposes, which conveniently allows members to both network over lunch and then obtain continuing legal education credits all at one event.

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Nashville, TN 37203

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