Tennessee Association for Justice

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The Tennessee Association for Justice (TAJ) was created to support the lawyers of Tennessee that spend the majority of their careers representing plaintiffs in negligence and workers compensation cases. In order to better serve this section of Tennessee’s legal community, regular membership in the TAJ is restricted to only Tennessee attorneys that devote over half of their work to plaintiff representation in civil cases. However, other categories of membership are available for paralegals, law students, civil defense lawyers, and government attorneys.

There are several ways that the Tennessee Association for Justice demonstrates its commitment to furthering the practice of plaintiff representation in civil cases. Each spring, the TAJ gives its members the chance to talk to Tennessee legislators on issues that directly affect their legal practices through its Attorney on Duty program. Members of the Tennessee Association for Justice are able to connect with one another and work together to create a stronger legal community through the TAJ’s JusticeNation online network, which allows for members to maintain profiles containing their professional history and to discuss current and recent cases.

Contact the Tennessee Association for Justice:

1903 Division Street Nashville, TN 37203 615-329-3000

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