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Tennessee Bar Association

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Incorporated in 1881, the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) was established as a voluntary bar association to support all attorneys practicing law in Tennessee. The TBA strives to be beneficial to the residents of the state, further its members’ professional development, and promote the legal profession in Tennessee. Since the Tennessee Bar Association serves the entire legal community of Tennessee, anyone that is licensed to practice law in Tennessee may join.

There are several ways in which the TBA reaches out to the public. For Tennessee law students that are of ethnic minorities, the Tennessee Bar Association maintains the Diversity Leadership Institute to aid them in becoming lawyers by helping these students to develop essential professional skills and matching them with mentors from a group of ethnically diverse lawyers. Every October, the members of the TBA volunteer at various pro bono projects across the state as part of the Tennessee Bar Association’s Celebrate Pro Bono event.

The Tennessee Bar Association provides several benefits to the lawyers that choose to join it. On its website, they make a disaster checklist available to members in order to help them to figure out what they need to do in case their office space is destroyed in a natural disaster. Additionally, the Tennessee Bar Association improves its members professionally by providing a number of videos full of tips on certain aspects of practicing law, such as starting a solo practice.

Throughout the year, they also host a number of different kinds of events for its members. Each year, the Tennessee Bar Association puts together a convention for its members, at which attorneys are able to take a number of different continuing legal education classes. Members of the Tennessee Bar Association are also able to network with others in specific legal practice areas by attending meetings that are held for corresponding committees that were created to bring together those attorneys.

Contact the Tennessee Bar Association:

221 4th Avenue N., Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37219

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