Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association

The Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association (TDLA) was established for the benefit of attorneys in Tennessee that engage in civil defense litigation. The main goal of the TDLA is to further the practice of the defense side of civil litigation in Tennessee. One way that the Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association works to enhance civil litigation defense is engaging in legislative advocacy on a state level, and part of the dues that the members pay goes to retaining a lobbying firm to represent the TDLA�s point of view in the Tennessee legislation.

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There are several perks that the Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association provides for its members. Twice a year, they host a meeting that lasts for a whole weekend so that members are able to network with one another and attend continuing legal education seminars. Members of the Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association that have cases on appeal often obtain an amicus brief written by the TDLA�s amicus curiae committee to help their appeal.

Contact the Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association:

Harrods Creek, KY 40027-0171