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Washington County Bar Association

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Founded in 1999, the Washington County Bar Association (WCBA) exists to benefit the attorneys that practice law in Washington County, Tennessee. In serving the legal community of Washington County, the WBCA strives to enhance the honor of the legal profession, maintain a sense collegiality among its members, and promote the administration of justice. They also make a point of helping Washington County residents that cannot afford lawyers by operating a number of legal clinics designed to give advice and guidance to pro se litigants in several different kinds of cases, including the Pro Se Domestic project and the Saturday Clinic.

The WCBA strives to enhance its members’ professional lives in several different ways. Through the year, lawyers that belong to the Washington County Bar Association are given several opportunities to network with one another and with other important people working in the legal profession in Tennessee at social events such as dinners with the justices of the Tennessee Supreme Court and cocktail parties at local restaurants. Another way that the WCBA ensures that its members continue to become better attorneys is by regularly hosting educational lunches at which members are able to obtain continuing legal education credits.

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