Amarillo Area Bar Association

The Amarillo Area Bar Association was first established in 1910 because the attorneys in the area wanted to secure a Court of Appeals in Amarillo. Today, this bar association serves attorneys and legal professionals in 26 counties on the Texas Panhandle.

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This voluntary, non-profit organization provides professional development, education and services for both its attorney members as well as for the community at large. For the public, this bar association acts like a resource center for the residents on the Texas Panhandle. It maintains an online attorney director that members of the community can use to locate an attorney in a certain area of law. In addition, this bar association can also help the media when they need experts in various legal areas.

The Amarillo Area Bar Association provides many services to its member attorneys as well. Each month, the bar association runs a luncheon program that counts towards an attorney's required Continuing Legal Education hours. In addition, the bar association also holds several education seminars throughout the year that also go towards these hours. Lastly, each member attorney has the option of being listed in the Amarillo Area Bar Association's online directory, which is accessible to the public.

Contact the Amarillo Area Bar Association

112 W. 8th Ave, Suite 615, Amarillo, TX 79101
(806) 371-7226