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Austin Bar Association

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Founded in 1893 as a non-profit organization for lawyers and legal professionals, the Austin Bar Association has taken it as its mission to promote friendship and professionalism within the legal field. In addition, the bar association seeks to enhance the delivery and access to great legal services, teach the public about how the legal system works for them, take part in the community, and aid in administration of justice.

The Austin Bar Association currently serves over 4,100 members that work in over 20 different legal areas. These attorneys get access to many great Continuing Legal Education events, social gatherings and fundraising opportunities. In addition, any attorneys that are seeking to do some pro bono work will find plenty of opportunities through this bar association.

The Austin Bar Association is also very proactive in the community and provides many services and programs that are open to the public. For instance, the bar association helps run the Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas which provides clients with a referred attorney and a half hour consultation for a fee of $20. In addition, the People’s Law School is a program that is designed and run by the Austin Bar Association. The classes in this school are taught by attorney volunteers and events are held in February and September of each year.

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816 Congress Ave, Suite 700, Austin, TX 78701
Tel: (512) 472-0279
Fax: (512) 473-2720

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