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Collin County Bar Association

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The Collin County Bar Association was founded in 1973 by a group of attorneys and legal professionals working in Collin County. The mission of the Collin County Bar Association is fourfold. First, it seeks to serve its clients and the public with enthusiasm and dedication; second, the bar association cultivates the science of the legal system, promotes legal reform, and elevate the ethical standards of the legal practice by discouraging illegal and unethical behavior; third, to promote cooperation between all members; and fourth, to improve the justice system in Collin County.

This bar association is ideally positioned in one of the fastest growing areas in the entire country. Because of this rapid population growth, the Collin County Bar Association is situated in a rapid growing and evolving legal field as well. This means great things for the community and the public because more and more great attorneys and other legal professionals will be drawn to this organization.

Contact the Collin County Bar Association

P.O. Box 3216
McKinney, TX 75070-8185

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