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Dallas Bar Association

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The Dallas Bar Association was originally created by 40 attorneys in 1873, and then officially chartered in 1916 by 100 members. Then, in 1947, the Dallas Bar Association was incorporated. Since this time, this organization has been dedicated to educating its members, the efficient administration of justice, and running public service programs for the public.

The community around Dallas receives many benefits from the Dallas Bar Association. Among these is an attorney referral service that is run by the organization. This referral service is certified by the State Bar of Texas and is certified as a non-profit organization. The public can use this service for a fee of $20 which entitles them to a free half hour consultation with a referred attorney. As well, on the second and third Wednesday of each month, the Dallas Bar Association runs something called the LegalLine. This program allows residents of Dallas to call a help center where they can ask anonymous legal questions and get answers to simple questions.

The attorney members of the Dallas Bar Association also get many benefits by being associated with this organization. For instance, these attorneys get access to discounted Continuing Legal Education seminars and classes. Because lawyers in Texas are required to complete at least 15 hours of these classes each year, these discounted programs help these legal professions meet this requirement.

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2101 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201
Tel: (214) 220-7400
Fax: (214) 220-7465

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