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Denton County Bar Association

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The Denton County Bar Association was first founded in 1890 when a group of legal professionals got together to further the interests of the legal profession. Throughout its history, the members of the Denton County Bar Association have been leaders in the community, spending many hours performing pro bono work as well as working towards goals that benefit the people of Denton County. Since 1993, the Denton County Bar Association has been the winner four times of the State Bar of Texas Award of Merit for Outstanding Bar Association.

Today, the 230 attorney members of the Denton County Bar Association receive great benefits as a result of being associated with this organization. Each month, the bar association hosts a free luncheon for all the members that can attend, and each member gets a half-hour credit of Continuing Legal Education by showing up and talking. In addition, members get discounted Continuing Legal Education seminars and many networking and professional development opportunities.

The public of Denton County also are benefited by having this bar association in the area. The website of the bar association keeps an online database of every member attorney that the public can search through in looking for an attorney that practices in a specific field of law. In addition, the poorer members of the community also get access to the free legal clinics that the bar association runs.

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512 W. Hickory, Suite 202, Denton, TX 76201
Tel: (940) 320-1500
Fax: (940) 320-1502
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