El Paso Bar Association

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Founded in 1897, the El Paso Bar Association exists to foster the growth and professionalism of the legal industry in El Paso County and to improve the quality of the industry and the community through the legal process. This is a voluntary bar association, meaning that attorneys who do not wish to join do not have to, unlike the Texas State Bar Association.

The bar association does much work for the community. In 1999, it established the El Paso Bar Association Bar Foundation which is a charitable organization formed to benefit both the public and legal communities. The bar association often draws upon this Foundation to fund various projects that are designed to improve relations between its attorney members and the public. Funds from the Foundation are used to run a free legal services clinic as well as free legal education classes that are open to the public.

The members of this bar association are invited to be listed in its Lawyer Referral Service, through which they can receive client contacts. As well, these attorney members also receive copies of the El Paso Bar Association Journal whenever it is published.

Contact the El Paso Bar Association

500 E San Antonio, Room L-112, El Paso, TX 79901
Tel: (915) 532-7052

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