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The Houston Bar Association was originally established in 1870 with the purpose of maintaining the high standards that the legal profession required. Today, with over 11,800 members, the Houston Bar Association is the nations fifth largest metropolitan area bar association, and it still maintains this mission.

This bar association is a strictly volunteer organization and is funded solely through member dues. The members of the Houston Bar Association get many benefits, including discounted Continuing Legal Education classes. All licensed attorneys in Texas must take at least 15 hours of these CLE classes each year in order to maintain their bar admission status. The Houston Bar Association makes this easier by providing many diverse and easily accessible classes and seminars to its members.

In addition, the bar association also runs many programs that are only for the benefit of the public. These programs include the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program. Attorneys volunteer for this program and agree to provide their services for free in civil matters for Houston’s most needy population. As well, for those who can afford hiring their own attorney, there is the Houston Lawyer Referral Service which assists over 125,000 people in the Houston area each year find an attorney.

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1001 Fannin, Suite 1300, Houston, TX 77002
Tel: (713) 759-1133
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