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With over 120 members, the Rockwall County Bar Association is well equipped to handle and carry out its mission. This bar association is dedicated to promoting the interest and needs of Rockwall County and its community.

The legal professionals that are members of the Rockwall County Bar Association work tireless to remain on the front line of the legal field and to best serve their clients and community. These members are invited to a monthly meeting where they can network and stay in contact with various other local attorneys in many different legal fields.

This bar association is also responsible for sponsoring Moot Court at the local law schools. This program is designed to help law students get ready for real practice before leaving the confines of the educational system. As well, the indigent people in Rockwall County can also meet with bar association members who volunteer with the local chapter of Legal Aid of Northwest Texas.

Contact the Rockwall County Bar Association

P. O. Box 2071
Rockwall, Texas 75087
Phone: 972-722-0233

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