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The San Antonio Bar Association, with over 3,300 attorney members, is the largest and best organized bar association in San Antonio. Each and every one of its members is dedicated to carrying out the mission of the San Antonio Bar Association, which is to serve their clients and the public with dedication and honor in the pursuit of equality in the judicial system.

The public community in San Antonio receive many benefits from having such a fine bar association serving it. The bar association offers the residents of San Antonio a Lawyer Referral Service that has a proven track record of helping them find attorneys. In addition, for those who cannot afford an attorney bar association has set up a Community Justice Program that can help people deal with various legal issues. New to this program is a quarterly Wills Clinic that encourages the community to make sure their affairs are in order.

The members of the San Antonio Bar Association have the option of being listed in the Lawyer Referral Service. This is a great way for attorneys to find new clients and generate new business. In addition, these attorneys have access to discounted Continuing Legal Education classes each month and can also participate in a lawyer mentoring program that is designed to help young attorneys.

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100 Dolorosa, Suite 500, San Antonio Texas 78205
Tel: (210) 227-8822
Fax: (210) 271-9614

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