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The lawyers in Texas began organizing in groups and organizations as far back as the 19th Century, but it wasn’t until 1939 when Governor O’Daniel signed into law the State Bar Act. This act also made the State Bar Association of Texas integrated, which means that membership to this bar is mandatory in order to practice law in Texas.

The State Bar Association of Texas is charged with the discipline of all attorneys in the state. It is committed to protecting the interests of clients who have been wronged by their legal representative. In addition to disciplinary actions, the bar association also helps resolve disputes about fees and charges between attorneys and clients.

Even if the people of Texas do not know it, the State Bar Association of Texas is constantly working for them. The bar association is repeatedly demanding higher standards and excellence from the profession, as well as providing the education that is mandatory for all lawyers. In addition, the bar association also runs a free statewide attorney referral service and always encourages its member attorneys to engage in clinics and seminars where free legal advice is given.

The State Bar Association of Texas also looks out for its attorney members. This includes: providing continuing legal education classes and materials, running a mentoring service that every member of the state bar can take advantage of, certifying attorneys of special competence in various areas of law, and operating a program that is designed to confidentially assist lawyers who abuse drugs and/or alcohol.

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