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Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association

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The Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association is a voluntary organization that is composed of attorneys, judges, legal assistances, legal secretaries, court coordinators and other legal professionals in the area. Each member is committed to improving the practice of law in the area of family law. Family law includes things like divorce, visitation, child custody, alimony, pre-marital agreements, adoption, juvenile justice, settlement agreements and more.

This bar association offers many services to the public, but perhaps the best known is their “Find a Lawyer” program. Clients looking to find a Family law attorney in Tarrant County can use this service provided by the bar association to quickly find Family law attorneys. In addition, the bar association also holds classes and gives out information that the public can use to educate themselves about issues in Family law.

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3020 Matlock Road, Suite 210, Arlington, TX 76015
Tel: (817) 419-0023

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