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Utah Association for Justice

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The Utah Association for Justice (UJA) began in 1965 and was originally known as the Utah Trial Lawyers Association. The UJA’s mission was to provide plaintiff attorneys with a forum to collaborate on ways to achieve justice for their clients. The UJA started as a small group of attorneys, but has become the largest voluntary bar association in Utah and the association continues to fight for injured individuals in need of redress.

The Utah Association for Justice offers several benefits to their members including CLE’s, conferences, an amicus curiae committee, an e-mail listserv, and a mentorship program designed to guide new lawyers. Other benefits include a brief bank, Trialsmith – a service that provides access to a wide variety of documents, and a subscription to the Utah Trial Journal.

There are several forms of membership in the UJA, the most common being regular membership. Regular membership in the UJA is open to Utah licensed attorneys who devote less than 50% of their practice to insurance defense. Membership is also open to paralegals and law students attending law school in Utah. To become a member you must fill out a membership application and pay an annual due, which varies depending on the number of years an applicant has had a law license.

Contact the Utah Association for Justice

645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(801) 531-7514

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