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Women Lawyers of Utah

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The Women Lawyers of Utah (WLU) was founded in 1981 and their mission is to promote women in the legal profession as well as address issues faced by women from all walks of life. WLU achieves their mission of offering networking events, professional development opportunities, and through community outreach efforts.

A few of WLU’s major activities include an annual fall retreat in Deer Valley, judicial seminars, and Utah Woman Lawyer of the Year award ceremony. WLU also offers CLE’s, a member directory, publishes a newsletter, and provides a job board. Some unique outreach efforts provided by the Woman Lawyers of Utah include the professional clothing and prom dress drive designed to provide low income job seekers with professional dress attire and low-income high school students with prom dresses.

Membership in WLU is open to any graduate of an accredited law school or member of the Utah State Bar who supports the advancement of women. To become a member you must fill out a brief application and pay an annual due of $30. However, annual dues are $40 if you have been licensed as an attorney for more than three years.

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