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Arlington County Bar Association

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Founded in 1926, the Arlington County Bar Association (ACBA) is dedicated to improving the legal community and benefiting the general public in Arlington County. One of the most significant ways that the Arlington Bar Association provides help to the local community is the Arlington Bar Foundation, which donates grants to deserving local nonprofits. Another way that the ACBA benefits the residents of Arlington is by putting together a nomination committee to find suitable candidates to fill judicial openings in Arlington County courts.

The Arlington County Bar Association also works hard to improve its members’ professional lives. Members of the ACBA are able to keep up to date on the latest changes of the law by attending the many continuing legal education programs hosted by the Arlington County Bar Association during the year. Lawyers that belong to the Arlington County Bar Association are able to easily get more clients through the Arlington County Bar Association’s lawyer referral program.

Contact the Arlington County Bar Association:

Arlington Courthouse

1425 N. Courthouse Rd.

Suite 1800/1st Floor

Arlington, VA. 22201


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