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Augusta County Bar Association

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The Augusta County Bar Association (ACBA) exists to promote and improve the legal community in Augusta County. One of the ways that the Augusta County Bar Association improves the legal community is by providing opportunities for its members to interact with one another outside of the courtroom and the office, such as the annual Bar Picnic. Additionally, the ACBA keeps its members connected to one another and to the organization by having meetings once a month.


There are a number of ways that the Augusta County Bar Association increases the access of the residents of Augusta County to the law in general and the legal system in the county. In order to make sure that the general public knows about any changes made to Virginia state law, the ACBA not only provides a link to the state legal code on its website, but the Augusta County Bar Association also provides a hyperlink to any new amendments that have been recently added to the Code of Virginia. The Augusta County Bar Association also helps the local community connect with the legal system in Augusta County by including links to a number of different local courts on the official ACBA website.

Contact the Augusta County Bar Association:

6 E. Johnson Street

Staunton, VA 24401

(540) 245-5311

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