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Fairfax Bar Association

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Based in Fairfax County, the Fairfax Bar Association (FBA) is beneficial not only to the legal community living and working in Fairfax County but also to the legal community located throughout northern Virginia. Due to the Fairfax Bar Association’s desire to be accessible to all of northern Virginia, its general membership is open to anyone that is licensed to practice law in Virginia. There are also other levels of membership available for judges, law students, and non-lawyer employees of law offices.

There are numerous reasons why attorneys choose to join the Fairfax Bar Association. Several lawyers are members of the Fairfax Bar Association in order to attend the many continuing legal educations classes that the FBA hosts both online and live. Also, many members belong to the FBA so that they may take advantage of the multiple opportunities provided by the Fairfax Bar Association to network with other members, such as the different law sections and the numerous social events including the Fairfax Bar Association Bench Bar Dinner Dance.

The Fairfax Bar Association is also dedicated to benefiting the general population of northern Virginia. One noticeable way that the Fairfax Bar Association helps out the local community is by maintaining a law library in Fairfax County that is open to the public. Additionally, the FBA operates numerous programs that are designed to improve the general public’s understanding of the legal system and help them gain access to that legal system, including the Northern Virginia Pro Bono Law Center and the Law Related Education programs.

Contact the Fairfax Bar Association:

4110 Chain Bridge Rd

Suite 216

Fairfax, VA 22030



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