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Fauquier County Bar Association

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The Fauquier County Bar Association (FBA) is dedicated to improving and promoting the legal community that practices law in Fauquier County. Therefore, full membership for the Fauquier County Bar Association is limited to people that work in Fauquier County, but such membership is open to judicial law clerks as well as licensed lawyers. Attorneys and law students that live in Fauquier County but do not work in the county are permitted to join the Fauquier County Bar Association as associate and student members, respectively.

Aside from working to further the legal profession in Fauquier County, the FBA also strives to increase the public’s access to the legal system in Fauquier County. The Fauquier County Bar Association provides an online directory of its members so that residents of the county may find a local attorney when they need to contact legal counsel. Also, the Fauquier County Bar Association has several law and court-related links on its website to aid the general public in finding necessary and helpful websites related to the legal system that is present in Fauquier County.

Contact the Fauquier County Bar Association:

31 Winchester Street

Warrenton, VA 20186

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