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Hampton Bar Association

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Formed in 1999, the Hampton Bar Association was created to promote and support the ethical practice of law in the city of Hampton. Since the Hampton Bar Association is predominantly involved in only the legal community in the city of Hampton, active membership for the Hampton Bar Association is restricted only to licensed attorneys that work or live in Hampton. However, any lawyer that is licensed to practice law in the United States but does not reside or work in Hampton may nevertheless join as an associate member.

The Hampton Bar Association does a lot to help its members in their professional lives. On its website, the Hampton Bar Association provides an extensive and detailed list of information about the Hampton judicial system, including contact information of the Victim Witness program and the schedule of each judge’s active docket days. The Hampton Bar Association also organizes several professional and social events throughout the year for its members, such as continuing legal education seminars and outings to sports events.

Contact the Hampton Bar Association:

2210 Executive Dr Ste A

Hampton, VA 23666-6605

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