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Henrico County Bar Association

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As a regional bar association, the Henrico County Bar Association (HCBA) was created for the legal community of Henrico County. The primary goals of the Henrico County Bar Association are to encourage a sense of congeniality among its members, promote reform where it will be beneficial to the carriage of legal justice, and maintain high ethical and professional standards within the legal community in the county. One of the ways that the HCBA is able to promote high professional and ethical standard among the legal community of Henrico County is by encouraging newly-admitted attorneys to join the association through providing a discounted membership fee for all lawyers that have been admitted to practice law in Virginia for less than three years.


The Henrico County Bar Association is a very active organization, and it holds several events throughout the year. Some of the events hosted by the HCBA are held in order to inform Henrico County Bar Association members about changes in the law and to discuss certain civil matters, including continuing legal education programs about legislative updates and breakfasts with local judges that lead a discussion on potential changes to the county’s judicial system. Other events that the Henrico County Bar Association puts on are more social in nature, including family outings to baseball games and the annual charity golf tournament.

Contact the Henrico County Bar Association:

P.O. Box 70147

Richmond, VA 23255


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