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Lynchburg Bar Association

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The Lynchburg Bar Association (LBA) exists to improve the administration of justice and the practice of law within the central region of Virginia. Membership to the Lynchburg Bar Association is not restricted to only lawyers.’ Therefore, anyone may join the Lynchburg Bar Association, including non-lawyers, though the majority of the members of the LBA are lawyers working in and around Lynchburg.

One of the main focuses of the LBA is building a community among its members and a sense of congeniality among the professionals belonging to the legal community of the greater Lynchburg area. Members are able to network with one another at the Lynchburg Bar Association’s monthly Bar Lunch. The Lynchburg Bar Association further promotes a sense of fraternity among the legal community of Central Virginia by presenting the Liberty Bell award each year to an individual that improved the administration of justice in Central Virginia that is selected by a committee formed by members of the general membership group of the Lynchburg Bar Association, allowing the legal community of Lynchburg as a whole select one of its own to honor.

Contact the Lynchburg Bar Association:

105 Archway Court

Lynchburg, VA 24502

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