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As a voluntary association comprised of lawyers working in McLean, the McLean Bar Association (MBA) encourages high standards of professionalism and integrity within the legal community of McLean. By promoting these standards, the McLean Bar Association hopes to foster an improved administration of justice and a better representation of the legal profession within McLean. One of the ways that MBA raises its members’ standards of integrity and professionalism is by hosting Speaker Luncheons featuring leading lawyers and judges from the McLean area.


The McLean Bar Association also aims to provide benefits to its members to improve their professional lives. Throughout the year, MBA sponsors a number of social events that allow for its members to network and get to know one another outside of a work environment. Also, the McLean Bar Association allows for its members to be listed in its online directory by practice area in order that they may obtain clients through people using the directory to find a lawyer.

Contact the McLean Bar Association:

1300 Old Chain Bridge Rd.

McLean, VA 22101

 (703) 821-2777

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