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Formed in order to benefit the lawyers working or living in Newport News, the Newport News Bar Association has a twofold purpose to both improve the judicial process in Newport News and to provide support to the legal community that works in Newport News. One of the ways that the Newport News Bar Association achieves the former purpose is through its judiciary appointment committee, in which members of the Newport News Bar Association are able to interview potential candidates for the judicial openings in Newport News and give their recommendations. Another way that the Newport News Bar Association works to advance the administration of justice in Newport News is by educating the local community about the judicial process through volunteer programs such as the Young Lawyers Committee helping to stage mock trials at the local high schools.

The Newport News Bar Association fulfills its primary purpose of helping the local legal community by providing its members with a number of benefits. Each of the Newport News Bar Association monthly meetings features a speaker discussing a topic that is of great legal importance to the members, and attendance to those meetings allow the members to remain informed about the law. The Newport News Bar Association also provides its members with an opportunity to network with one another within its different sections and committees, including the Young Lawyers Committee.

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