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Old Dominion Bar Association

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Established in 1942, the Old Dominion Bar Association (ODBA) was established by a group of African American attorneys in Richmond in response to perceived racial discrimination in Virginia’s legal community. Membership of the Old Dominion Bar Association quickly grew to include African American lawyers practicing in several other cities in the state. Today, anyone licensed to practice law in Virginia is allowed to join the Old Dominion Bar Association as a member and help it to act as voice in the legal community for African Americans living and working in Virginia.

The Old Dominion Bar Association works to provide its members with opportunities to further their professional careers. Each February, the ODBA hosts a meeting open to all of its members, where a number of lectures are given on various points of the logistics of practicing law, including lectures on avoiding malpractice and how to avoid the substance abuse problems that plague the legal profession. Also, the Old Dominion Bar Association hosts an annual conference each year, where members of the Old Dominion Bar Association are able to learn about new changes to the law in continuing legal education programs and network with one another during the various receptions and social events.

Contact the Old Dominion Bar Association:

P.O. Box 12301

Richmond, VA 23241-0301

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