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Roanoke Bar Association

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The Roanoke Bar Association (RBA) was created to support the legal communities within the city of Salem and the city and county of Roanoke. Among the many ways that the Roanoke Bar Association provides aid to its members in a professional setting is by increasing its members’ professional knowledge through hosting lectures on various topics that deal with practicing law in the Roanoke area such as recent changes to the state and local legislation. Another way that RBA helps its members in their professional careers is by matching more experienced members with newer members in mentor-mentee relationships through its mentorship program.

Aside from helping the legal communities of the county of Roanoke and the cities of Salem and Roanoke, RBA is also dedicated to being beneficial to the local residents. Each year, the Roanoke Bar Association invites the general public to attend its ‘You and the Law’ program, where non-lawyers may learn about the basics of the local court system and different practice areas of the law. The Roanoke Bar Association also hosts several events for the public to improve the general public’s access to legal services, including Wills for Heroes and Senior Citizen Law Day.

Contact the Roanoke Bar Association:

P. O. Box 18183

Roanoke, VA 24014



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