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Smyth County Bar Association

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The Smyth County Bar Association is a volunteer organization serving the legal community of Smyth County. Additionally, the Smyth County Bar Association works to help the residents of the county through improving the connectivity between local residents and the legal system. One of the ways that the Smyth County Bar Association promotes the general public’s access to the legal system is by working with other organizations to put on educational events, such as the Senior Resource Seminar to inform senior citizens about the legal and non-legal community resources in Smyth County that are available to them.

In addition to being beneficial to the local community, the Smyth County Bar Association also provides several perks to its members. The Smyth County Bar Association hosts a quarterly meeting, where members may network with one another and catch up on the latest news in the Smyth County legal community. Members are also able to be listed in the Smyth County Bar Association online member directory, providing them with another way to advertise their law practice online.

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