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Virginia Creditors Bar Association

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Starting in 1990, the Virginia Creditors Bar Association (VCBA) has worked to promote the interests of Virginian lawyers practicing debt collection law and create a community among its members within the debt collection legal community of the state. In order to better achieve its goal of being beneficial to the debt collection attorneys in Virginia, the Virginia Creditors Bar Association only allows licensed Virginian attorneys that represent creditors in legal matters concerning debt collection to become members. Firms whose practices consist primarily of representing creditors in debt collection are permitted to join as whole entities.

The Virginia Creditors Bar Association ensures that its members have access to the latest information available concerning debt collection through several different means. Members are able to tap into the collective knowledge of the VCBA through its two list-serves and keep informed of what other members think is important within the debt collection legal community of Virginia. Also, the Virginia Creditors Bar Association enables its members to learn more about the newest developments in the practice of debt collection law by sponsoring an annual Collections Seminar, where Virginia Creditors Bar Association members can attend a number of continuing legal education classes tailored to the interests of lawyers that represent creditors.

Contact the Virginia Creditors Bar Association:

P.O. Box 12141

Richmond, VA 23241

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