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In 1938, the General Assembly of Virginia created the Virginia State Bar (VSB) to act as an administrative agency for the Supreme Court of Virginia. The three main purposes of the Virginia State Bar are increasing the public’s access to legal services, improving Virginia’s legal profession, and regulating Virginia’s legal profession. All lawyers that become licensed to practice law in Virginia are required to join the Virginia State Bar.

There are several ways that a member of the Virginia State Bar may get involved with the bar association. Members that want to play an active role in regulating the legal profession in Virginia may seek a nomination to one of VSB’s many regulating committees, such as the legal ethics committee, the resolution of fee disputes committee, and the disciplinary district committees. The lawyers of the Virginia State Bar may also choose to be active by becoming an officer of one of the specific law sections, including sections for administrative law, environmental law, and litigation.

The Virginia State Bar provides several beneficial resources for its many members. For lawyers in Virginia that want to improve their legal skills, the Virginia State Bar hosts practical skills courses, including a professionalism course and a first day in practice seminar. In order to keep its members properly up to date on the latest changes of the law in Virginia, the VBA hosts several continuing legal education courses throughout the year and various publications, including magazines for all of its members and newsletters for specific law sections.

In addition to helping out the legal community, the VBA also reaches out the general public of Virginia. The Virginia Bar Association has organized and helped organize several pro bono legal programs designed to help various minority and special-interest groups, indigents, and nonprofit organizations get access to free legal counseling. Also, the VBA publishes several useful pamphlets that educate various sections of the population about their legal rights and responsibilities.

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