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Bennington County Bar Association Inc.

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The Bennington County Bar Association was incorporated with the express purpose of providing training opportunities to their locality as well as fostering collegiality among fellow legal professionals in Bennington County. It has a good history of great projects with direct community involvement, addressing urgent legal issues related to things like guardianship, foreclosure, landlord/tenant issues, and collection cases. The work of the association in this particular instance is pro bono.  

Members of the Bennington bar association are experienced in handling civil and criminal cases. It pursues another project related to training young lawyers with a focus on manning a hotline number for urgent cases. The group has provided training in this as well as a number of relevant tasks for law practices. The hotline is open for free legal advice on the pro bono project.  

Seminars and other training events train local attorneys who regularly need to update their certifications to keep their licenses. With these events, local attorneys no longer need to commute to Montpelier or Burlington. The county bar association is beneficial for local law as well as the community. Direct community involvement is an aspect which the association promotes to add a more personal dimension to their practice of law. 


Offices/Location:  Bennington, VT 05201 

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