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Franklin/Grand Isle Counties Bar Association

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As can be inferred from its name, the members of this Vermont legal association are from both Franklin and Grand Isle counties of the state. The association is a relatively older one that was formed back in 1958, with the stated goal of creating a forum for attorneys in the communities in question.  

The Franklin/Grand Isle Counties Bar Association is one the of most effective local law organizations in Vermont. Its work has become the cornerstone for the practice of law in its area of operation. The association provides member attorneys with opportunities for continuing education and promotes any legal development that applies to the northern corner of Vermont.  

As a group, the attorney members of this organization provide an excellent network for professional collaboration, the exchange of ideas and opinion in law, and any relevant interaction that helps to give a voice to legal issues as they pertain to northern Vermont. The organization has given its community a People‚Äôs Law School, runs free legal clinics and chooses promising eight graders from each school in both Franklin and Grand Isle for a civic leadership award promoting its ideals. Its over 50 members are also involved in providing community outreach and legal education, as well as continuing legal education and legal programming for communities. 


Offices/ Location: PO Box 810 St. Albans, VT 05478
Website: www.northernvtlawyers.com 
Phone: +1 802-524-5211 
Email: vkittell@vbklawvt.com 

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