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In a county that is listed as one of the best ones to live in the state of Vermont, a bar association may be thought to have it easier. This is a complete turnaround for busy legal experts of the Lamoille Country Bar Association. The members of this association are proactive and busy promoting all the important causes and advocacies in agreement with their mission of providing more in law for all Lamoille, VT residents.  

With a Superior Court located in Hyde Park, litigation and legal representation for civil or criminal cases keeps the association members busy, but not too busy as to not attend regular bar meetings, formal and informal. Membership dues are kept to a minimum but members often go out of their way to donate many hours to pro bono work.  

The Lamoille judicial system always has interesting legal cases as well as those who need immediate help in terms of litigation or representation. The bar association turns over these cases with a view to participation if not direct representation in and out of court to the individuals or families involved. The organization remains a significant bastion for legally defending the rights of individuals under the American constitution.  



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