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Not far from the busier metropolises in northeastern United States, Orange County VT lawyers are as adept in the practice of law as their counterparts in the said cities. Attorneys from New York and Boston will be surprised with how active current Orange County legal practitioners are. This is mainly the work and mission of the Orange County Bar Association, specifically in terms of continuing legal education.  

CLE is now the by-word for the best active lawyers. The county bar organization in Orange, VT takes care that its members will be party to the latest training and seminars from recognized and important legal practitioners, professors, and judges. The judicial system, the organization believes, is only healthy as long as its many members work towards keeping it so, and that is one foundation on which the association here rests. 

The work done is reflected in the many hours of legal volunteer work and pro bono donated by various members. While the association does not hold its members up to this work, all voluntarily keep their hand in with legal aid and assistance through the network connection. Lawyer support is also available for members in need in the professional and personal sense. 


Offices/Location:  P.O. Box 94, Randolph Ctr, VT 05061. 

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