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Rutland County Bar Association

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For most citizens of Vermont, a bar association represents a model for citizenship as well as a go-to for any kind of legal issue they might need help with. In this sense, the Rutland County Bar Association is a model for pushing forward any number of advocacies, chief of which is equality under the eyes of the law for everyone in the community. The county bar members are stalwart members of the same community, and are responsible for making the law available to anyone who needs it. 

Stakeholders of the association remain constantly aware of the fact that their organization is a leading one in the advancement of the justice system. To them, ideally, the county bar should contribute their own unique jurisprudence for this advancement. To this end, all members are able to credit scheduled trainings on the latest developments in their areas of law for CLE (continuing legal education). 

Officers and members also have regular meet ups as well as bench bar meetings tackling the most urgent legal issues in the county. For these purposes here are places recognized for these meetings, and some may be open to the public in cases where the political future of the state and county is at stake.  


Offices/Location:  One Nickwackett St., Rutland, VT 05701 

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