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An offshoot of the original Vermont Trial Lawyers Association, the now-renamed Vermont Association for Justice (VTAJ) is an advocacy group for trial lawyers. It helps to promote greater effectiveness in all kinds and all phases of litigation for its member lawyers. In addition, the association supports, sponsors, or even opposes legislation in the service of justice and their causes.  

Their work is aimed at promoting an effective civil justice system and protecting the rights of others who have been injured through unlawful actions or negligence. To this end, they run a Lawyer Referral Service for Vermonters in need of legal assistance, counsel, or representation. Any trial lawyer can join this association, with preference for those who work in or are duly registered in the Vermont bar.  

VTAJ is deservedly proud of its work. It is comprised of advocates who are leaders in their field of practice. The resultant network is not just about a circle of advocates but the greater Vermont community, anyone who has legal issues, and especially those whose rights have been violated. This network has a proactive political agenda and offers interactive resources based on innovative, forward-thinking ideas and resources in law.  


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