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Vermont Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (VTACDL)

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In the legal profession, those handling criminal defense cases may become nationally famous or graduate to politics. It requires a certain mind and a special set of skills to be a defense attorney. Some of the most stellar and famous American statesmen developed from being criminal law attorneys. In this sense, he Vermont Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (VACDL) is in search of attorneys who are actively engaged in criminal defense cases. 

The association is focused on promoting the art of criminal defense law. Its stated mission includes the promotion, study, and research of the field of criminal defense; the continuing education of Vermont citizenry in criminal law through the dissemination of publications and organizing of regular lectures and seminars by legal experts; and the promotion of proper administration in the criminal justice system, among others.  

The organization among lawyers also helps in promoting better relations among criminal defense attorneys. It also promotes forums on the hottest issues in law, and relevant and vital exchanges of information with regards to criminal justice administration. It supports criminal lawyers in maintaining independence and integrity so that their expertise will add to the knowledge of criminal justice and its impact on individual rights. 


Offices/Location:   90 Beech Street Essex Junction, VT 05452
Phone:  +1 802-343-4628   
Website:   www.vtacdl.com/ 
Email:   vtacdl@gmail.com 

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