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Vermont Bar Association

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The Vermont Bar Association or VBA runs a resource-rich site. This is a virtual legal library tasked to help it accomplish its mission of promoting highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and skills in the legal profession for its members. It promotes understanding and respect of law among its communities and supports the tenets of equal access to an effective, fair, and practical justice system.  

Of value to anyone visiting the VBA site are news related to all legal concerns, in both the state and the nation. There are books in print or in electronic media for those who are doing self-help studies or wanting to learn more about the law. The communications and forums available on site enable interaction and connection among bar members and those who are seeking their help. 

A proactive process in the online community gives people a relevant channel to vent their issues, exchange views, or even seek help or advice. Also, VBA members are available online, or you can access the membership directory for specific legal areas if you create an account. The association is lively and promotes friendships and cooperation across gender, race, or religious lines. In this sense, it helps keep American democracy healthy in relation to the law. 


Mail Address:  PO Box 100 Montpelier, VT 05601-0100
Offices/Location:  37 Court Street  Montpelier VT 05602 
Phone:  +1 802 223 2020
Fax:  +1 802 2231573
Website:  www.vtbar.org/
Email:  info@vtbar.org 

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