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Vermont Trial Lawyers Association

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Turning out quality lawyers and promoting quality jurisprudence in the State of Vermont is the primary mission of Vermont Trial Lawyers Association. It is a more recent organization that grew out of an established one. Its founders saw the need for a legal organization whose members come from the Vermont trial bar, inclusive of all lawyers who are handling cases in state courts and tribunals. 

Trial lawyers are often called upon to take up cases that are particularly problematic, the essence of litigation being resolving issues and problems related to legal cases. Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and counsel to O.J. Simpson, was interviewed by this lawyer’s association to better understand how to become a good trial lawyer. He focuses on the development of young lawyers into effective experts in litigation.  

The country‚Äôs justice system assures the rights of citizens to fair trial on any particular branch or field of the law. Vermont Trial Lawyers seeks to improve the standards in jurisprudence by maintaining a social and communications base for legal court warriors. This is one organization that looks back to the foundations and founding fathers. It is a proud inheritor of the essential American legal tradition of fair play, service to the public and a continuing commitment for improving access to quality of law available to all that need it.  


Offices/ Location:  409 Main Street, Bennington, VT 05201
Website:  www.vtlassn.org 
Phone:  +1 802-442-8979 
Email:  contact@vtlassn.org 

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