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Windsor County Bar Association

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A relevant local forum for exchanging legal information and news within the judicial system, the Windsor County Bar Association engenders the promotion of basic legal precepts that has kept democracy ad driving force for progress in the state of Vermont. There is no dearth of potential members to this association, which encourages and accepts lawyers with a license to practice law in Windsor County.  

Vermont was once contested territory, and Windsor reflects this history in a way that makes it more hospitable to all sorts of people. The local legal association holds the distinction of being a pillar of the community which provides free legal help to people with important cases in court or in the process of adjudication. They run information campaigns on developments related to law in the practice of politics.  

Most members attend regular meetings and pay their dues, while the association schedules regular social events for interaction and morale-building. In practical terms, attorney members can take credits for continuing legal education or CLE from trainings and seminars organized by the bar leadership. The organization highly encourages members to promote causes and advocacies for a freer and more equal system of justice for all Vermonters.  


Offices/Location:  Main Street Po Box 1090 Norwich, VT 05055. 

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