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King County Bar Association

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The King County Bar Association (KCBA) was established in 1886 and their mission is to make the legal system more accessible to the public as well as work with the judiciary to promote justice in the community. The King County Bar Association has over 5,400 members and an annual budget of over three million dollars.

The King County Bar Association has twenty committees and fifteen sections which meet monthly. This bar association also has multiple events per month many of which are approved for CLE credits. Two of the main events hosted by this organization are the annual awards dinner and the Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon. The KCBA also has multiple pro-bono opportunities, clinics, and a volunteer lawyer service. Other benefits of the King County Bar Association include a referral service and group discounts on insurance plans as well as other services.

Membership in the KCBA is free for law students, $25 for newly admitted attorneys, and $210 dollars for practicing attorneys, but there is an election to receive a discount based on an income table. There is also an additional $40 charge to join a particular section.

Contact the King County Bar Association

1200 5th Ave, Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98101
Main (206) 267-7100
Fax (206) 267-7099

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