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Latina/o Bar Association of Washington

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The Latina/a Bar Association of Washington (LBAW) is an affiliate of the National Hispanic Bar Association and their mission is to promote the professional goals of Latino attorneys in Washington as well as address their concerns in the legal community. The LBAW accomplishes their goals by encouraging members to be actively involved with Latino business and political leaders in Washington.

The Latina/o Bar Association of Washington hosts numerous social events, CLE’s, and provides legal resources to the community. The LBAW’s calendar is full of social events each month including concerts, award ceremonies, and banquets. They also operate a legal clinic to help economically disadvantaged individuals address their legal issues, provide scholarships to qualified law students, and a membership directory for potential clients to search.

To become a member of LBAW you must fill out a short application and pay a $75 annual due or a $20 annual due if you are a member of the National Hispanic Bar Association.

Contact the Latino/a Bar Association of Washington

Latina/o Bar Association of Washington
P.O. Box 21134
Seattle, WA 98111
Email: ContactLBAW@gmail.com

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