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Snohomish County Bar Association

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The Snohomish County Bar Association (SCBA) seeks to promote educational opportunities to members through CLE’s, speakers, and other programs. The SCBA also seeks to promote integrity in the profession and provide social opportunities for members.

The Snohomish Bar Association provides several events per month which include CLE’s, golf outings, and baseball outings. The association also has specific sections for new lawyers as well as family lawyers. A lawyer referral service is offered for members, who are also allowed to use the bar association's office to make copies, print, and perform other tasks.

To become a SCBA member you must mail an application in and pay a $75 annual due. Snohomish County lawyers who were admitted within the last 6 months get this fee waived.

Contact the Snohomish County Bar Association

P.O. Box 5429
Everett, WA 98206
425-388-3978 Fax

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