Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association

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The Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association (TPCBA) has been in existence since 1883 and currently has 1,400 members. The purpose of the TPCBA is to maintain the integrity of the legal profession, encourage camaraderie among members, and advocate for laws that promote good government.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association maintains three sections and twenty committees. The three sections are for young lawyers, criminal lawyers, and family lawyers. A few of the twenty committees offered by this organization are a CLE committee, Superior Court Commission, Judicial Qualifications Committee, and a Legislative Committee. The organization also operates a volunteer lawyer program, referral service, and engages in community service activities such as painting houses for the elderly.

A few additional benefits of joining the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association are the ability to obtain a courthouse ID for easy access to the courthouse, access to the attorney lounge in the courthouse, ability to participate in judicial evaluations, and play in an annual golf tournament. To become a member you must fill out an application and pay $130 per year or $120 per year if you are a government attorney.

Contact the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association

621 Tacoma Ave. S., Ste. 403
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 272-8871
(253) 627-4718 Fax

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