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Association for Women Lawyers

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Established in its current form in 1981, the Association for Women Lawyers (AWL) provides support for the female attorneys working in the Milwaukee area. The AWL’s primary goals are to advance the legal interests and civil rights of women and to further the professional development of female lawyers. While the Association for Women Lawyers is mainly focused on meeting the needs of women attorneys, membership is open to all lawyers that are licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and to all students attending accredited law schools.

The AWL strives to help the female population of the greater Milwaukee area. Every year, the Association for Women Lawyers assembles gift bags full of toiletries and other necessities for women currently living in Milwaukee homeless shelters. Law students at Marquette University Law School are given a chance to receive advice from AWL members at the annual speed-mentoring events.

Attorneys belonging to the Association for Women Lawyers enjoy several benefits as a part of their membership. Members of the AWL have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on various legal topics by attending the many continuing legal education courses that the Association for Women Lawyers hosts throughout the year. The AWL provides its members networking opportunities with one another and female leaders in the local legal community at the Women Judges’ Night.

Contact the Association for Women Lawyers:

3322 N. 92nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53222

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