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Dane County Bar Association

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Initially formed in 1858, the Dane County Bar Association (DCBA) serves both the general public and the attorneys of Dane County. Although its role in Dane County has evolved over the centuries depending on the needs of the local legal community, the DCBA has remained committed to the goals of advancing the development of the overall practice of law in the county, meeting the legal needs of local residents, promoting collegiality among its members, and furthering the professional development of local lawyers. In order to provide support to the whole of Dane County’s legal community, membership is open to both lawyers and law students that work or live in the county.

The DCBA provides aid to the local community in a number of different ways. People with small claims cases in the Dane County court system are able to consult with a volunteer attorney in person at the local courthouse through the Dane County Bar Association's Small Claims Assistance program. Additionally, the DCBA works with the University of Wisconsin Law School to provide free legal help to low-income military veterans through the law school’s Veterans Law Center.

Attorneys often join the Dane County Bar Association for the benefits it offers. Members of the DCBA that need to have their cases mediated can obtain a mediator through the Case Mediation Program. The Dane County Bar Association provides its members with several opportunities to network and connect with one another, including law sections, a mentorship program, and social events such as the Bench Bar Brawl and the Fridays at Four.

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Madison, WI 53744-4008

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